NBA Pre Draft Training Olek Czyz Project

With Olek finishing up his 1st year with Virtus Roma in Italy and the NBA Combine starting up this week i thought it would be a great time to drop some heat on YouTube and look back to last years Training Camp.

Olek Czyz prepares for the 2012 NBA Draft with Mike Atkinson and Basketball Development Coach Jason Glover in Reno NV. The best of the best NBA draft nominee 2k12 Olek Czyz. Putting in major work at Sierra Strength in Reno, NV in preparation for NBA Draft workout circuit. The video speaks for itself Olek displays athleticism at 6’7” 238 lbs a wide arrange of NBA quality tools and footwork.

*currently playing in Italy

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Official Nike Pre Draft Camp – Pacific Northwest, June 22 2013

Nike Pre Draft Camp (PDC) is an exclusive ‘pro-styled’ athletic coaching and training program for 6th – 12th grade age youth. The design of PDC is to cultivate and discover new learning for youth and parents. PDC is modeled after a variety of Nike Skills Academies hosted by LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams. PDC offers the nuances of understanding and function within an elite basketball system and program

I will be Co-Directing the Nike Pre Draft Camp with Carlos Humphrey and the staff from Nike Pre Draft

See How Nike Gets Down
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Increase Your Basketball Vert With This Step-Up Progression

Step Up Progression for Basketball from Mike Atkinson on Vimeo.

Read the training progression on Stack!
Increase Your Basketball Vert With This Step-Up Progression

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Lateral Shadow Drill To 5 yard Transtion

Filmed on a Sunday competitive lateral agility and movement day

-Feet can not cross
-Offense Must touch two cones to signal transition
-Defense Shadow the Offense and Mirror the cone touches

Lateral Shadow Drill to Transition from Mike Atkinson on Vimeo.

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Reno’s Basketball Dojo

VIA KOLO CHANNEL 8 RENO NV, @parkerstremmel


Mike Atkinson is no stranger to basketball. The Galena high graduate has played collegiately and professionally. Now, he’s training the next generation of basketball stars – specifically, those at the University of Nevada.

“The relationship with the Wolf Pack – Emily is local, Olek and Keith Fuetsch are local, as well,” said Atkinson. “We are also starting to get some of their teammates in here. They want to get better on their own.”

Atkinson is the basketball performance director at Sierra Strength and Speed in Reno. He’s seen an increase in players wanting to better themselves at his “dojo.” One of them is current Wolf Pack women’s basketball forward Emily Burns.

“Over summer, right now, we don’t have a lot of time to work in the gym about basketball specifically, so coming here gives me a chance to shoot around a work on different moves and situations that i might see.”

Former Wolf Pack forward Olek Czyz credits Sierra Strength and Speed with helping him become the player he is today.

“I feel like I became more agile,” said Czyz. “And also, I became more versatile.”

It has helped Czyz land a spot on the Chicago Bulls NBA summer league team. Continue reading

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Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 9.50.30 AM

Heslip’s 9 three pointers Footwork: Athletic Breakdown

9 Tre’s in The NCAA Tournament a testament to Footwork!

We all watch dozens of highlights and often miss the details that got us there. Here is a quick lesson on shooting off the Catch by Baylor’s  Brady Heslip. While he is not the most athletic player on his Baylor team his display of FW and balance deserves the highest mark of basketball athleticism. Remeber most of the work is done before you have the ball in your hands.

"Tre Goggles "

#1 (0:03)- OB Play-First make is a classical OB play for a teams best shooter.  Off the botched play, he drops his hips pulls his R leg with his L foot squares up and knocks it down.

Off the out of bounds Play FW= L, R (1,2 step)

#2 (0:05) Transition – Shooters running the floor with head turned eyes back at the ball moving up floor, ball in the air feet in the air, finishes with balance.

Three Pointer #2 Transition Three Pointer (two foot sink)

#3(0:08)- Step into your shot– The easiest look for Heslip all night, steps into his shot off the sagging D.  Also displays his range when stepping into his shot. Continue reading

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Mike Atkinson and Eathan O’Bryant on Alice 96.5, Discussing NCAA Tournament and much more!

NCAA Tournament 2012 Preview on “Bill and Connie in the AM”.
Former Globetrotter Eathan O’Bryant and Fomer Washington General Mike Atkinson have fun talking March madness and one of the most famous rivalries in any sport the Washington Generals vs Harlem Globetrotters.

Championship Picks
Bill and Trey(Radio Host) Picked: Wisconsin and Gonzaga ( they like cheese )

Connie(Radio Host): Baylor (Because of Uniforms)

Eathan O’Bryant ( Reno Bighorns): Kentucky

Mike Atkinson (Basketball Trainer): Kentucky

Some good calls and some not so good calls but who’s bracket is not busted?!


Eathan and Mike 1

Eathan and Mike 2

Eathan and Mike 3

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Does your Game have an Invisible Ceiling?

Outcome and Expectation

When we are young our sport environment bestows upon us certain beliefs and expectations that may encourage or discourage our  personal growth in many aspects of  life and sports. Our sport environment and genetic make up are major contributors in achieving  elite athletic potential.While having Lebron’s genes and training with professional trainers can make a huge contribution to your success on the court, maybe the most important factor in your athletic growth could be your personal beliefs.

Personal beliefs can be both positive or negative, arise from many sources and eventually they can become your reality. As we attach a negative belief to a certain experience like missing a jump shot we start to limit ourselves and believe in the negative outcome as truth in our sub-conscious.

We must refocus our efforts as individuals back upon self reliance and  managing personal expectations with realistic  and positive work ethic.

Dismantling limiting beliefs that put invisible ceilings on our own game by positive expectations,passion and effort. Train to avoid the negative belief or reaction as a form of self practice and re-shift focus to positive outcome.

Your Beliefs Boxing You IN

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Get YOUR timing down with “Thirty Three”

“Thirty Three” Is a new spin on the classical basketball game “Tip it” . In the original game of “Tip it” the objective is for each player to catch the ball after a shot attempt from another player with both feet in the air and then shoot it at the goal before landing. “Tip It” or “Tips” is a great game the only issue with classical “Tip it” is that there is no defense which limits the effectiveness for competition. Well that was the start and the creation of the game that is now known as “Thirty Three”.

Played on a 10ft goal or even a mini hoop,“Thirty Three” is a great way to improve, timing,anticipation and scoring off of different movements and angles in the air. The game has quickly become a house favorite at Sierra Strength and Speed for all our athletes not just basketball players. I guarantee that once you play you will see why NBA players are using this to warm-up and let loose and why every age group and skill level can play and develop new skill sets with “Thirty Three”.


To avoid pitfalls and opponents on your way to “33” points.

1. Catch and release basketball in air
2. Must get to ball within two bounces
3. Must go in player order-established prior to game, often decided by last games score.( Winner goes first)
4. On made shot in field, go to free shot line your choice:
Free Shot Line :FT 1pt,College 3pt=2pts,NBA=3pts (once you pick a line you must stay for remainder of trip at line, not whole game) Continue reading

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New Year New Content

Two weeks and the blog will be ready with new features and guest columnist. In the meantime enjoy the video.

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