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Lateral Shadow Drill To 5 yard Transtion

Filmed on a Sunday competitive lateral agility and movement day -Feet can not cross -Offense Must touch two cones to signal transition -Defense Shadow the Offense and Mirror the cone touches Lateral Shadow Drill to Transition from Mike Atkinson on … Continue reading

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DO You Pass the Eye Ball Test?

As I took my seat down on the plane after a (International Basketball League) game against the Santa Barbara Breakers (missed a triple double by 1 point), I could not help but overhear the man I was sitting next to … Continue reading

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Single Leg Squat w/Ball Progression- Basketball Performance

Train for Balance, Strength and Stability: Single Leg Squat with Basketball: Keep chest Proud and back flat Keep knee stable Reach back and sit in hips, do not let knee go in front of toes Keep pressure evenly distributed through … Continue reading

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Revi Jets Definition of a stance

Lock up like an All Pro- Defensive Stance Review

I know you are thinking, why is there a picture of  NFL All Pro Darrelle Revis matched up with one of the best athletes on the planet Ochocinco in a basketball blog? The answer is simple.  One of the hardest … Continue reading

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