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Heslip’s 9 three pointers Footwork: Athletic Breakdown

9 Tre’s in The NCAA Tournament a testament to Footwork! We all watch dozens of highlights and often miss the details that got us there. Here is a quick lesson on shooting off the Catch by Baylor’s ┬áBrady Heslip. While … Continue reading

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Selling Forward Movement

Athletic Breakdown: Austin Rivers Crossover

I have been fascinated by Austin Rivers unique stlye and unorthodox angles on the basketball floor since his high school mix-tapes. Austin displays a crossover at Ohio State that literally froze his defender in his stance on his way to … Continue reading

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Stack Basketball

Stack Magazine Basketball Experts- Mike Atkinson

Elite Pro Performance Trainer Mike Atkinson is now featured on the Basketball Expert page of Stack Magazine and Blog. Mike has contributed his expertise in movement and strength for the game of basketball with new content and videos for Stack … Continue reading

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Creating leverage, look at the the front foot down and knee inside big toe

The KEMBA Walker Step Back : A breakdown of the athletic movement

As soon as Kemba Walker made this shot against Pittsburgh during the Big East conference tournament, thousands of aspiring hoopers went right outside on their hoops, mimicking and imagining the moment being theirs. They attempted to cross over like Kemba, … Continue reading

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Ice Skater for Lateral Power

Ice Skater for Basketball VIDEO With Audio From Mike Atkinson, Elite Pro Performance Campers at Holiday Handles Basketball camp go through warm-up with Performance trainer Mike Atkinson. 1. Proper single leg stance and landing 2. Extension through posterior chain 3. … Continue reading

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