Elite Pro Performance was founded in 2007 with the intent that a classroom experience is only as successful as the teachers’ ability to motivate and inspire its students. Our directors hold the highest standards in the planning and subsequent, hand selection of its instructors for all events. This ensures consistency and quality in every event associated with Elite Pro Performance.

Elite Pro Performance Directs, Staffs and Markets various Camps, Clinics and Trainings currently in:

Elite Pro Performance strives to become a national symbol of excellence in sports education by offering athletes of all ages and skill levels the highest standards of instruction. Yet, we continue to be a respected organization in player development and youth services by employing instructors whom are both highly motivated and educated in their respective fields.

We instill a series of core values to create success on and off the court or any field of play. We do not judge success by our ability to increase performance alone, we define it as the ability to educate, empower and motivate athletes to reach their goals and potential.

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