Knockout the Competition with Boxing Training for Basketball

Training for boxing is a great way to gain confidence, increase basketball performance through cross training in off season and implement new neural patterns and movements. Kids don’t punch people, punch bags.

– Author Mike Atkinson

Bad Form Fellas, Bad Form,Basketball players in general are not known for their hand to hand combat on the court, awful punching techniques, cheap shots and other NBA memorable altercations playback in my memory.

The Crossover between Boxing and Basketball will make you a Better Athlete and Player!



  • Fundamental “Athletic Stance” sometimes referred to as a “Blade”(a skate board stance basically) used for protection and to generate power from trunk/hip rotation

Look where his body is in relation to his opponent


  • Strength is a major factor in the ability to maintain balance (core, stance)
  • Keep your head in the fight not only mentally but physichally
  • If you catch yourself leaning odds are you will be exposed

Hip Mobility

  • To generate power we must create some sort of leverage
  • Mobility allows us to rotate and pivot the back foot to generate a straight right
  • The ability to squat down and create hip extension through an uppercut
  • Hips create force for the uppercut


  • A fundamental movement often overlooked upon the higher we progress through the basketball hierarchy
  • Stance, Balance and the ability to stay in a bladed postition allow the boxer to always face their opponent in a stance


  • Force x Speed, the force generated = Stance,Strength, Balance,Hip Mobility

Iron Mike and a Demo of Power

Hand Speed/Anticipation/Reaction/Conditioning-

NBA Athletes using Boxing for Training in Off Season.

YouTube – Magnum Rolle Project

Roy Hibbert, Paul George Add MMA Training To Their Workouts

About Michael Atkinson

Mike Atkinson,CSCS, is the owner of Elite Pro Performance and the on court performance director at Sierra Strength & Speed. Considered to be a specialist of Keiser performance equipment, Mike is known as a hybrid basketball performance trainer focusing on strength, movement, and basketball fundamentals. Atkinson’s experience and current work with NBA Player Development Specialist Aubrey McCreary has given him a unique set of skills to train players on sports specific patterns and positioning at a professional level. Atkinson’s training experience includes work with numerous NBA draftees, multiple Division 1 athletes, and other professional clients. He has also worked as a performance consultant in the NBA Development League and has directed basketball performance training camps and clinics for youth athletes on the West coast.
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