“33″ A 2k10 Version of the game “Tip It”

33 the Best Game you never heard of.. from Mike Atkinson on Vimeo.

IT is official we are going to start posting some Live “33” footage some of our best shots.

Now accepting all video responses follow link:

Reno, NV circa 1994-

Imagine 4 young boys 5th-6th graders playing the old game of “tip it” dunking on each other like a young SHAQ or MJ on a 7ft rim. The game “Tip it” objective is that each player must catch the ball while in the air and then shoot it before landing. The only issue with “tip it” is that there is no defense….

Well that was the start and the creation of the game that is now “33”.

Invented in Reno, NV by a group of young athletic kids with creativity. I have brought back the game to play with all the athletes Elite Pro works with. I guarantee that once you play you will see why NBA players are using this to warm-up and let loose and why every age group and skill level can play.


To avoid pitfalls and opponents on your way to “33”.


  • 1. Catch and release Basketball in Air.
  • 2.  Must get to ball within two bounces
  • 3. Must go in player order established prior to game, often decided by last games score Winner goes first.
  • 4. On made shot in field, go to free shot line  your choice:
  • Free Shot Line :FT 1pt,College 3pt=2pts,NBA=3pts (once you pick a line you must stay for remainder of trip at line, not whole game)

Scoring on your turn:

  1. In air 3pts
  2. Dunk in air 4pts
  3. Off Bounce 2pts
  4. After made shot / Free throw 1pt
  5. After made shot/  College 2pts
  6. After made Shot/ NBA 3pts


  1. 13,21,32 Are “Must Make” shots, If you are on a free shot( See scoring 4-6) attempt and miss you go back to the following:  32:21 21:13 13:0
  2. Once you personally reach 11 points you have now been invited to the “BLOCK PARTY” you can now block and steal opponents shots!
  3. All player 2 player bounces occur at sight of infraction.(See PointD Rule 1)
  4. After making 3 free shots(see scoring 4-6) in a row you must switch to opposite hand for remainder of makes at line for that turn.(see Rule 4)

Point Deductions:

  1. Touching ball out of turn – Minus 1
  2. Airball from any line after make- Minus 1 (after Airball,next player gets free shot at line where infraction occurred)
  3. Players CAN have negative points.
  4. Touching the Ball while attempting a block before other player touches ball -Minus 1


  • This is a gentlemens game Player 2 Player Bounces  are encouraged to be above the shoulders and a fair bounce for your opponent.
  • All shots must be at hoop or attempted at hoop.
  • Physc outs are encouraged on free attempts
  • Clear the lane when it is not your turn to avoid injury, Play the ball not the player while on defense.

About Michael Atkinson

Mike Atkinson,CSCS, is the owner of Elite Pro Performance and the on court performance director at Sierra Strength & Speed. Considered to be a specialist of Keiser performance equipment, Mike is known as a hybrid basketball performance trainer focusing on strength, movement, and basketball fundamentals. Atkinson’s experience and current work with NBA Player Development Specialist Aubrey McCreary has given him a unique set of skills to train players on sports specific patterns and positioning at a professional level. Atkinson’s training experience includes work with numerous NBA draftees, multiple Division 1 athletes, and other professional clients. He has also worked as a performance consultant in the NBA Development League and has directed basketball performance training camps and clinics for youth athletes on the West coast.
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